designing learning experiences collectively


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Our services

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we help you align stakeholders, build project plans, and make design thinking happen in your organization


we teach you how to diagnose learning needs and design contextual solutions


we help you learn from internal and external stakeholders to inform corporate strategy and development


awesome orgs we've worked with

  • Aril Studio's workshop was critical to help us define our target customer and focus our efforts as a team during the early stage. They helped us see our brand and user's goals and needs from a new and refreshing perspective.
    — Karen, co-founder of the prosperus
  • The result [of working with Aril Studios] was pleasing and impactful. I liked their quick turnaround and I found the experience helpful.
    — Richard Nyankori, Founder of SpedX

our philosophy


  • We empathize. We use a human-centered approach in our design process, and collaborate closely with you. we always listen deeply and keep an open mind.


  • We think future flexible. we keep 21st century and modern learning sciences, models and philosophies in mind as we design - with the ultimate goal of facilitating deeper learning. 


  • we teach. we empower you to embody the process, so that you can use it again in the future. 


  • we embrace the skills and contributions others make in our path to transform education today.


what does the future of education look like?

We are asked this question often, and it's a great question that we too don't have an answer for-- because there are so many possibilities! One future of education is that we are continuously discussing, designing and delivering personalized and contextualized learning solutions. Another is increased accessibility to higher quality education. Yet, there are so many questions around that and topics on race, equality, justice, culture, politics and so on that come in to play. Come join our musings on different topics in education!

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